Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A is for Ant

Today's lesson was thrown together last night at the very last minute. It seems like life is never going to slow down and my house will always be a disaster zone but we're making memories. We're learning and growing together. Today's preschool had good moments and then times where I found myself getting frustrated. I'm still learning what works best for Ethan and how long his attention span is for different activities. I'm continually reminded that I have to be flexible and readjust as we go. I'm trying not to get frustrated or disappointed if he doesn't get something or if we don't make it through everything I planned. I'm so thankful for my husband and my mother who are both teachers and have given me lots of insight and encouragement along the way!! 

New shirt from Uncle Cliff and Aunt Antoinette. It says "I will not moose behave!" :)

Bible lesson:
  • Open in prayer
  • Read the story of Noah’s Ark (Jesus Storybook Bible, p.38)
  • Discuss how God loved Noah and saved the animals
  • Point out that animals and ark start with A
  • Sing Arky, Arky Song and Noah’s Ark Song
  • Begin the Animals Two by Two Craft (Christian Craft book, p.9) and complete on Thursday
  • Allow Ethan to play with the wooden Noah’s ark display

 Direct Instruction:
  • Watch Letter A presentation
    • Learn about words starting with the letter A

In the presentation the picture of the ant links to a video of acacia ants and the picture of the anteater links to a video of an anteater. I usually try to include short videos of what we're studying so Ethan can see the animal or object in action.

 Music Time: 
  • Sing Hooray for A! (Letter & Sounds pre-K book)
(sung to “If You’re Happy and You Know It”)
If you see the letter A, shout, “Hooray!”
If you see the letter A, shout “Hooray!”
A for animal and ant; A for apple trees we plant.
If you see the letter A, shout “Hooray!”

Story Time:
  • Read A Was An Ant (Babybug magazine, March 2010)
  • Read Andy the Anteater (Wild Animal Baby magazine, July 2010)
  • Read Ants, Although Admirable, Are Awfully Aggravating (The Random House Book of Poetry for Children, p. 74) 

Snack Time:
  • Create Ants on a Stump snack (using apples, peanut butter and raisins)
  • Ethan will get more practice learning how to spread peanut butter with a knife 

Trying to eat the "ants" like an anteater

Owen wishing he could have some ants too!
Guided Instruction:

Free Play:
  • Let Ethan explore outside and encourage him to search for ants
  • Recreate Noah’s ark scene using play-dough

We did not get to finish all the activities planned for today so we'll continue our theme of Noah's ark and ants on Thursday! 

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