Thursday, February 10, 2011

The ants are still marching...

 Today was a fun preschool day. I truly enjoyed the time with Ethan. Keeping my expectations realistic and trying to be more relaxed made a difference in the way he responded to learning today. 

Bible lesson:
  • Open in prayer
  • Read today’s devotional from The One Year Devotions for Preschoolers
  • Read On Noah’s Ark (by Jan Brett)
  • Sing Arky, Arky Song and Noah’s Ark Song

Online learning and Music Time:
  • Watch animated videos about the letter A and the sound /a/ (
  • Sing Hooray for A! (Letter & Sounds pre-K book)
(sung to “If You’re Happy and You Know It”)
If you see the letter A, shout, “Hooray!”
If you see the letter A, shout “Hooray!”
A for animal and ant; A for apple trees we plant.
If you see the letter A, shout “Hooray!”

Snack Time:
  • Create Ants on a Log snack (using pretzels, peanut butter, raisins)

Guided Instruction:

  • Complete the Animals Two by Two Craft (Christian Craft book, p.9)
  • Highlighting activity (Highlight the letter A from a magazine ad)

Free Play:
  • Create ants using play-dough
  • Recreate Noah’s ark scene using play-dough and animal shape cutters
The only thing we didn't get to do today was free play with play-dough. We decided to meet some friends at the park instead. That's okay though because it gives us something to do tomorrow! :)

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